Little Dynamite

Little Dynamite

Tiny packages have big surprises; it might be true. Take a look at one of the seasons’ hottest trends – le petit sac.

With designers and fashion houses competing in downsizing their iconic handbags, the tastemakers are of course getting ahead and get a taste of those tiny delights for themselves. Now this trend is hitting the street like a fever – in a good way.

Still, a trend or not, small bags might be tricky to carry. Function-wise it isn’t exactly practical and style-wise it is seen as not big enough to be a statement. However, ways to combat those worries do exist. The key is to plan ahead and be smart with your outfit game.

Highlighting the tiny bag can be done in several ways. One is playing with proportions. Match the small bag with small patterns because big patterns might overpower the bag. An easier step will be to wear plain getups – this will have an even bigger impact when your bag is of bright color. Talking about color, put those color theories into practice. Complimentary colors look great together – blue and orange for example. Another take could be to accessorize the bag itself. Put interesting charms or keychains to bring the focus towards the bag.

Now, talking about practicality, smaller luggage demands cautious packing. In this case, bring your most important belongings only, like cards, a little cash, your keys, and your phone. You might also able to fit in your lipstick for touchups. The rest of the things that are not of immediate need may be left in another compartment in, say, your car. Wearing clothes with pockets will also give you extra space for your things.

Don’t be afraid, this little weapon will bring you victory after you master its ways.

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