"Let's Talk About Mental Health"

"Let's Talk About Mental Health"

Amongst of all the filtered personas and perfected reality parading on everybody’s instagram feeds, there’s one account that not only promote authenticity, but also things that aren’t get to be talked about in real life. But rather than displaying various #nofilter post in the world where everything supposed to be picture-perfect, designer Jessica Walsh discussed prominent issues in life which in spite of its urgency, every so often got overlooked: Mental Illness. Having a past experience with anorexia, depression, and self-harm, she shares the stigma of sharing struggles with mental health.

In her recent project called “Let’s Talk About Mental Health”, she counters all social media ideals by putting real experiences of mental illness forward. People wouldn’t normally share their experience with mental illness, especially on social media for it can get complicated, messy and nothing near picture-perfect. But in this project, she shared about her past experience dealing with mental issues openly by creating a personal video. Other than her own, she also invited people to share their stories and the response was surprisingly enthusiastic. As she told Refinery29, about half of those she reached out to offered to contribute their stories, and the other half referred her to someone else who could contribute.

As it appears to be, there are more people struggling with mental illness than we would think and their stories need to be heard. So why not be aware and talk about it more? Here’s hoping that the rise of projects like the one initiated by Welsh can help bring awareness towards Mental Illness and thus creating more mental-health-friendly social media in the future.


Via: Refinery29

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