Lecarre: Artisanal Lollipops for Adults

Lecarre: Artisanal Lollipops for Adults

There are few things that can be said when talking about candies, they are sweet – certainly, and they are children’s favorite food. But of course, not all sweet tooth are kids. That being said, candies are also for adults – and to cater to the grown ups is Lecarre, where Kimberly Hadlock creates her beautiful artisanal lollipops.

With a background in mixology, aromatherapy and photography, Hadlock started Leccare Lollipops just for fun back in 2012. ‘I had made lollipops as Christmas gifts and my friends loved them so much they urged me to start an Etsy shop,’ she explains. ‘It was a great side job for two years.’ In November of last year, she quit her day job to make Leccare a full time endeavor.

Preservative-free, but filled with fruits, flavors, oils and even flowers (in alluring combinations like rose and honey, watermelon and sea salt, or lavender and marshmallow), the lollipops of Lecarre are made to order in small batches with locally sourced ingredients from Athens, Georgia or bought from other small businesses and Etsy shops.

Often ordered for weddings, these lollipops can also be found in over 150 boutiques and shops throughout the US as well as Hadlock’s Etsy shop. Personalizations available.

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