Leaving Pastel Trails

Leaving Pastel Trails

2016 is the year where pastel colors triumph. At least, according to Pantone. But if there’s one party to point as an authority in making color prediction, it would indeed be Pantone. But what’s good in deciding color of the year (or for 2016’s case: colors of the year) if the title is not followed up by some apparent color trend change? When the stuffs around us starts turning pastel and the similar hues are the fastest ones to fly off the shelves, then we can know for sure that the prophecy is well constructed.

Right after the petal quartz and blue serenity were titled as colors of the year, sephora dedicated a whole makeup line inspired by those two hues, and it was quite successfully translated. In the similar sense, Zkay Yong, a graphic artist is mewujudkan dua warna ini in a form of the classic Nike air force 1.


However, don’t be mistaken. This is not an actual collaboration between Nike and Pantone. The shoes themselves are mere reimagined version created by Yong. But seeing how good these pastel kicks are looking, it doesn’t seem to be a bad idea to just do it (How is it, Nike?).

What other stuff you wish to see in petal quartz and serenity blue?

Source: Fubiz

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