Le (Man)ifeste D'Hermès

Le (Man)ifeste D'Hermès

Sometimes, most luxury brands try to comprehend the situation of people’s daily life to their branding. Most of the time, Hermès able to apprehend the essence of lifestyle, distinguishing itself, becoming the pioneer.

Since the very start, Hermès has hardly any efforts to make its name to be the top lifestyle-luxury brand. The Parisian luxury house has everything planned and molded to perfection just like their leather craftsmanship. They know how to build a lifestyle approach that can be attuned to their branding.

This month, after successfully introduced the society with its house of silk, La Maison des Carrés, Hermès wants to engage suave gentlemen to embark on a journey of rediscovering their daily lives. 

Since we know that the male gender rarely find themselves obsessive towards the blogging world or web experiences, the only way to solve the perplexity is to change the method and concept. Le MANifeste d’Hermès is a digital platform, a virtual place where these sophisticated men can “explore and select with imagination and lightness the many proposals that make up the male wardrobe of Hermès”- Maison Hermès.

Think of it as your daily stream of creative guide to delve into the depths of many innovative ways to your wardrobe, whenever you are. Watch the teaser trailer below to catch a glimpse of Le MANifeste d’Hermès.

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