Kofta Presents a Provoking Baroque Aesthetic

Kofta Presents a Provoking Baroque Aesthetic

It is quite common for designers to get influences from a realm so abstract no ordinary fellow could understand, and it is also usual occurrences to find ideas from more obvious sources, like architecture for example – more conventional and easy to perceive. Baroque is one aspect from the theme that has been the seed to many outstanding collections in the market.

However, provoking standard fashion trends with his work, Konstantin Kofta has taken this typical topic through a unique approach by translating it quite literally into Kofta’s spring/summer 2016 collection with a series of satchels modeled after the architectural elements. Entitled ‘Arxi’, the pieces in the collection take the shape of baroque elements found on building façades, with intricately ornamented flourishes and column caps.

“The wholeness of natural form indicates that the form and forces are always in some sense of equilibrium. Seashells for instance are one of the natural forms whose functions are simple enough to be approximated by a simple mathematical relationship”, Kofta described. “Natural forms and curves are applicable to human architectures. Baroque architecture inspiration where regular designs gave way to curves, dramatic shapes and decoration was transferred to sculptural leather Kofta pieces to evoke sensual delight.”

Images courtesy of Konstantin Kofta

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