KITC and the Vessel Taste of Cultural Icons

KITC and the Vessel Taste of Cultural Icons

A melting vessel of taste meets cultural icons and behaviors, that is what Kitc is all about. The word Kitc itself is originated from a German term “Kitsch”. Or in definition, Kitc is a term that commonly used in the art world for explaining work with aesthetics that convey exaggerated melodrama using cultural icons. In the same spirit, this Bandung based brand, offer something of tawdry in design, appearance, and content that is created to appeal to popular or undiscriminating taste.

“Kitc is going for a damn cool and freaking edgy in branding image. We believe in something stupid, something cheeky, something comedic, because it’s much easier for people to digest them.” said one of the founders. Initiated by two people with a major love for geek culture, Kitc is associated with the deliberate use of elements that can be seen as cultural icons while making mass-produced and hand crafted objects.

Kitc was launched back in 2014 and started by two geek minded, Nurrachmat Widyasena and Faidhan N Noe’man. Both co-founders are contemporary artist and product designer who want to put their skills for a good use. Most of Kitc’s of instagram post, of Kitc’s brand images or products revolves around Nurrachmat Widyasena’s (known as Mas Ito) artwork research. While Faidhan N Noe’man, a product designer who love to design furniture, usually interpret Kitc products to be more customer friendly by handling the technical sides of the products.

“We target another segment of market that not many brand plays at, which is the geeky toys, manga and sci-fi enthusiast. Besides geek culture is what excites us the most and we see that the quality of the merchandise in this segment is often quite poor and doesn’t have any good design. So that’s where Kitc got in.” said both of them. What distinguish Kitc from others is, they naver use mainstream icons like iron man, minions or any nowadays icons, “it’s too mainstream for us, and too common for many people. We are using something that nostalgic, something that forgoten but we believe many of us like as a generation that grew up in the 90’s, because we use many 90’s icons. And we never got any trouble for our artwork images, so far. Because we often use parodic juxtaposition method in making our artwork images.” they stated.

If any other brands use famous model or fashionista to wear their clothings, quite (not) suprisingly Kitc wants a famous character, anime icon or any fictional icon to wear their products. When asked about a collaboration, they said “we would like to collaborate not with a brand, but with a lot of artist like toy maker, or some maybe some product designer with the same interest as us. We want to expand our range of items into action figure, toys, art decoration, or maybe some home decor, like lamps. Because Kitc is not a brand that only sells fashion, but also going for broad range of novelty items like mask, toys, sculpture, art decorations, and many more.”

About the future of Kitc, they want to “have a regular yearly big show where Kitc is the main sponsor. We can make some geeky show, where we gather the geek community. Maybe held a kaiju wrestling shows or an art exhibition. To have our own proper offline shop with an alternative space where we can hang out while exhibit some stuff from some artists. And of course to make a very proper living from Kitc.” Indeed, this brand made up of what is selected from various sources. Kitc is not following any one system or style, but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all styles.

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