Kicking in with the Logo Craze

Kicking in with the Logo Craze

It’s not the first time an artist use sneakers to express their art. For its versatility, sneakers does provide an endless possibility for modification. It also has a very close relevance to our daily life, thus making it a preferred medium for those who want to display their art in a more wearable approach. That might be the underlying notion for Andre Salamino, an Italian artist who recently took part by transforming this favorite timeless item of ours into another pop culture art pieces.


Using the silhouette of classic sneakers, Salamino tries to reinterpret big companies in a form of sneakers. He then came up with versions of brands like Google, Facebook, McDonalds, Coca Cola, and many others. The designs are actually very well executed, they end up looking like shoes we actually want to wear (our favorites are the Google, McDonalds, and Coca cola versions). While portraying the brands well, the tasteful placements of logos and colors spared those pairs from looking like a walking advertisement.

source: fubiz

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