J.W.Anderson Fall 2016

J.W.Anderson Fall 2016

In the middle of all the swirling confusion about the speed of fashion and constant turnover of ideas, Jonathan Anderson or J.W.Anderson is one person who says he’s thriving on it. His collections always represent a stream of consciousness which roams everywhere, appropriating and juxtaposing visuals and sharply synthesizing them into tops, shoes, and bags which will switch up ones wardrobe.

Last Saturday, J.W.Anderson delivers modern take on cocktail wear at London Fashion Week for Fall 2016 collection. As usual, the range of ideas and silhouette in his collection was vast. He made the collection by the thought of David Hicks, the British interior designer quote “The excitement of today is in the freedom of the individual to make his own choices, and the range of possibilities for which he may choose.” Anderson dropped a collection of modern cocktail wear all imagined within a domestic and interiors setting.

This season’s showing, came up with a question: “what is modern cocktail wear?” the answer includes everything from rose-print turtlenecks to studded cargo pants to a slinky silk dress. The venue was subdivided into small rooms with white-paneled walls where guests sat in a single row. The aisles were so narrow to permit the models to walk between the guests, giving each attendees a very up-close-and-personal look at the collection.

One of the dramatic silhouettes was the pairing of an A-line top with an undulating, structured skirt comprised of different panels of fabric. There were also a simpler looks like a very pretty languid silver silk button through maxi dress with black scrawled print detail around the neck and on one side. “I like the idea of the confrontation of clothing, I think you need to be absorbed by it. I had this moment where I was thinking, it should be about fashion. I love fashion. That’s why I work in this business” said the designer backstage after the show.




Photos via Vogue

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