Just Patch it

Just Patch it

There is a noticeable tendency for people who grew up in the 90s to hold a glorious pride on the era. They even identify themselves with the decade and gladly labeled people from their generation as ‘the 90’s kid’—something that people from previous generations never seems to do. Taking pride also means spending a lot of time to reminisce all the notable trends that defines the era.

Fashion wise, this might explain why chocker, slip dresses, crop tops, and other various fashion relics from the 90’s are making a full-blown comeback into the 2016 fashion scenes. However, amongst the massive comebacks, there seem to be a prominent yet less-discussed comeback that we want to talk about: patches.

The verdict is clear. Keep an eye on the street style stars and you’re bound to find a series of band logos, flags, or fruits—often mixed together—sewn onto whatever piece they’re wearing. Indeed, the ability of these colorful patches to transform the otherwise regular pieces is remarkable. A basic denim jacket could transform into something more daring and a massively produced skinny jeans can turn one of a kind with several patches sewn onto them. Also, with the needs to create something that stands out in the crowd, this whole sewn-on patch (as opposed to store-made ones) is a very suitable medium to create a completely individualized look. A chance that there’s someone else out there rocking the same patches arrangement as you do? Zero. Hence, the 90’ seems to be a decade we can’t seem to get over—their patches especially.

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