Jumputan by Galeri Tie Dye Exhibition #PHASE3

Jumputan by Galeri Tie Dye Exhibition #PHASE3

On Friday 22 April 2016, we attended the opening of ‘Jumputan’, an exhibition displaying the colorfulness of Indonesian artworks, as claimed by one of the representatives from Galeri Tie Dye. Taking place for a week, this is the first and the most formal events so far launched by Galeri Tie Dye and it aims to bring fresh air to the art community by raising tie-dye as the major focus. The event presents 21 artworks by 18 artists including Rukmunal Hakim, Abenk Alter, Sancayarini and Diela Maharanie.

The artists, as they come from different backgrounds and of diverse styles, from street artists to fashion designers, delivered tie-dye (or jumputan, in Indonesian) in different forms. No, there is no such thing as your average tie-dye t-shirt here. For although many chose to dye t-shirts, each piece were personalized through colors, dyeing techniques, fabrics, and details. Yes, hanging from the ceiling like soft sculptures, those t-shirts along with scarves, shirts, a bag, a dress, and even a two-pieces swimsuit each highlighted the individuality of the artist that created them. There were touches of hand drawn illustrations, embroideries, and patchworks incorporated to the pieces – reflecting the artists as they are.

There are other aspects that will make you feel how personal the exhibition is. Aside from the fact that each piece was handmade, there were background stories, reasons on why a certain piece was created. An example would be the scarf made by Alyssa Bachtiar. One of the two she presented was a sheet of red-dyed organza silk named ‘Bleeding Cherry’. Called so because the inspiration came when she spilled cherry blossom drink on a piece of tissue paper.

The wall of the space was also painted with the artists’ faces. And below the black and white portraits, were the cardboard boxes the pieces on display came in. Those were no ordinary cardboard boxes, however. The boxes also received personalization treatment; some feature illustrations while others got patched and even covered entirely in silver paper. Some artists also put stickers and little signature merchandise to accompany their artwork – which will be auctioned via Galeri Tie Dye’s website.

The exhibition will only last until the end of April with mini workshops available for public to join. So why not come and see for yourself, how these artists interpret jumputan in their own ways?

Jumputan by Galeri Tie Dye #PHASE3
24 - 30 April 2016
At Qubicle Centre, Jl. Senopati No. 79, Jakarta

Photos by Alexander Christian

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