Introducing Wood to the MacBook Tribe

Introducing Wood to the MacBook Tribe

The sleek design of Apple’s signature look has been dominating the world and gained the company a huge number or loyal followers. But such sovereignty leads to an endless sea of same – yes, Apple products have indeed flooded many offices and schools. It starts to get difficult to separate one’s gadget to another.

Hence, many seek for ways to personalize their Apple products, usually by adding interesting, unique cover to their iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. With a massive growth of creative industry, now almost all sorts of accessories can be found, from the 3D iPhone cases to the naturalized (but equally sleek) wooden cases.

Unfortunately, what is common practice with iPhones is still not as widely used on laptops – for example those wooden casings. No need to fret though, a brand called Glitty offers a nice premium option to get the MacBook’s cold surface a warmer look. The brand presents handmade wooden covers in ebony, walnut, and cherry wood options for the Apple MacBook range – now available through Glitty’s online store.

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