Introducing The Smart Jacket

Introducing The Smart Jacket

If you’re a wearable-tech enthusiast, you might be pleased to know that the fashion industry is continuously moving towards that direction. You might also think that a smartwatch is cutting-edge enough, but not long for now you’ll be able to control your smartphone in an even more device-free manner. A new jacket developed by Google and Levi Strauss will allow you to receive phone call with only a wave of a hand. As a matter of fact, this tech that seemingly belong to the future, is set to be released as soon as spring 2017.

In this garment named ‘the Commuter Jacket’ an interactive yarn is built in to make a touch and gesture sensitive areas on the sleeve. Initially designed for cyclist, this smart jean jacket will allow users to control their mobile experience and connect to a variety of services, such as music or maps, directly from the jacket sleeve. It would be as if you’re wearing the touch screen on your body so that you don’t have to deal with the trouble of pulling your phone from your pocket.

While the other wearable-tech (despite of their name) can come up in a not-so-wearable form, this jacket actually comes with a style. Designed collaboratively by denim expert Levi’s, this jacket take a classically stylish shape as far as a wearable-tech goes. The design is based on a classic trench coat with the tech built into the cuff. It is also washable as long as you remove the detachable tag beforehand. And while it’s unclear whether this jacket would have the lasting ability if a vintage denim jacket (style-wise) or a discman (tech-wise), Google seems to take this project seriously having planned to expand to the athletics, business, and enterprises to expand their connected clothing collection. However it will be interesting to see where this potentially life-changing inventions will be going.

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