Instagram (Really) Understands

Instagram (Really) Understands

For casual Instagram users, the ability to switch between multiple accounts may seem like a minor thing. But for a large part of Instagram’s young adult community, the addition will have a much larger impact. Because, nowadays Instagram’s teenage and 20-something users commonly create multiple accounts. These accounts sometimes is less polished, but maybe more real version of their lives as told by photos. This may include things like funny but less attractive selfies, rondom pet photos or inside jokes. Meanwhile, the other account is for photos that are carefully selected and edited to present a certain image. Like for those whose job is to manage multiple accounts — social media managers, for example.

After testing the feature on Android with members of its Instagram beta test group last November. Instagram today (finally) announced that they are officially launching multi-account support inside the much love social app. Starting this week, users can maintain more than one account on the same device. And the process is pretty simple.

Here’s what you have to do. You add new accounts from the settings menu, and once that’s done, just tap your username at the top left of the app to move between them. In order to avoid confusion when operating multiple accounts, Instagram says the active profile will be indicated by displaying its profile photo at the bottom right of the app. And the profile photo will be placed if you switch account so that you never lose track of which account is active. Push notifications will also indicate which account they are associated with. What’s good is, this new development will allow up to five additional accounts and work on Instagram version 7.15 for both Android and iOS users.

Photo by Renata Angela

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