Inhype Presents: Offline

Inhype Presents: Offline

Online and Offline lives are meant to be lived correspondingly. Therefore, we will practice what we preach by presenting to you Inhype: Offline, a launching event that will act as an extension of our online presence.

As a portal, Inhype aspire to be the platform that brings forward new, highly potential names to the influential people of the industry. With a variety of concepts and creative approaches the brands have to offer, we want to build a complete and thorough directory where readers, inspiration seekers from local and/or international can get introduced to new innovative labels as well as discover something new every day.

In this launch, Inhype is trying to create our offline manifestation, and in order to achieve that, we’re collaborating with a variety of brands and artists that in one way or another represents Inhype’s vision. The names include Rama Dauhan, Imaji Studios, Mandas, Dibba, Rosalyndinata Gunawan and many other emerging names who are worth to watch. The launch will be presented in a form of a fashion presentation, and fashion installation which embodies who we are. Even more, we will incorporate other creative aspects to give people a physical representation and a full experience of what to expect when they visit


The fun does not only end there. To further enhance your experience, we also present a music performance by Elephant Kind and Kimokal. The event is open for public, so anyone who are willing to get an Inhype experience are openly welcomed. This is our very first chance for real-life encounter with you, we are eager to finally meet you face to face. See you at Ciputra Artpreneur this May 21th starting 2 PM!

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