IMAJI Studio, Conveniently One of a Kind

IMAJI Studio, Conveniently One of a Kind

There’s a certain gratifying feeling knowing that a piece you’re wearing is not only one of a kind, but also handled with an exceptional sense of art. People are willing to spend millions in order to get this special feeling, but it is not always necessarily so. With their handmade patterned apparels IMAJI Studio is one brand that serves to cater the needs of those who desire to own something that are simple, yet one of a kind.

The brand is fronted by three co-founders who comes from different backgrounds. Lyris, with a major in graphic design; Shari, who majored in media and culture; and Gina, who majored in fashion design. They connect through a mutual fascination in the natural dyeing technique of old Batik and the rich natural resources Indonesia has to produce. From here, they envisioned to have a brand that maintain Indonesian traditional values while at the same time offer something fresh and innovative. Therefore, IMAJI Studio began as a concept in 2014.

However, not until August 2015 has the brand effectively started for the process of its establishment took them some times. They did a research far and wide around Indonesia to find inspirations and resources they need. After that, they team up with local artisans in Bali to incorporate all sorts of techniques to create the designed patterns, like sponge stamping, airbrush, and exploring unusual materials like limestone and tapioca powder.

The trio, whom are immensely inspired by the wabi-sabi concept—an ancient Japanese aesthetic that preserve beauty of imperfection in handmade objects—decided to incorporate this approach thoroughly in their collection. The results are patterns that are entirely unique, and one of a kind. Not even two pieces from the same collection would have a similarly identical pattern.

Although using quite an elaborative method in its creation, IMAJI Studio clothes are meant to be simple and versatile.  The apparel can be worn from top to toe, and suitable for many occasions from a day on the beach to a party downtown. Despite of its quirkiness, it has a touch of tradition so everyone from a free-spirited youth to older women should find comfort in wearing it.

What’s even better is that IMAJI Studio also stands for their sustainability. They want to be a brand that gives back to local talents, community, and environment. They make sure that all the coloring used is eco-friendly with farm grown plants that doesn’t pollute their surroundings. Every waste from the dyeing process is also recycled into fertilizers. One of their recent projects, accordingly, is collaborating with Lovethread Project which focuses on creating awareness in ethical fashion through workshops and events. Their consistency on being a conscious brand is a needed quality amongst all the fast paced apparel production these days.

For their latest collection titled Dongeng Alam Vol. 2, they continue with their method of experimentation on making patterns. Dongeng Alam Vol. 2 is widely inspired by the ocean. They explored patterns and color combinations that work best with Indigo dyes produced by the plant itself. Whilst two predominant patterns are the Lapis Lazuli which is inspired by the texture of the stone, and Glacier patter in which they play how white and pink can soften the deep blue color. Head over their website to find out more about their latest offerings.

IMAJI Studio

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