How You Should End the Year According to Nike

How You Should End the Year According to Nike

In terms of wearing festive gears, no other moments than this time round would be more suitable. Because while you’re only starting to get used to all the string lights in Christmas, the world is already adorning itself with glitters and sparkling boas, ready for the new year’s party. Accordingly, in the act of what seems to be a nod to these festivities, Nike releases a pair of tennis shoes that reflects this celebratory time of the year—strategically, just few days before the year closes.

Although not being completely new in reflective shoes department, this new addition to Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Premium are making luminous statement by being understatedly so. The sneakers feature a black iridescent upper, which as opposed to a strike at your sight, tastefully designed to indulge you with light play. By reflecting different colors, this pair would give pleasant surprises from every angle you look at the shoe.

So, for those who want to top up their sport game in a comparable sense to year end’s spirit–or simply just attracted to things that reflect light– this is the one pair suitable enough to close 2015 with. The $150 shoes are now available to purchase via Overkill.

Source: High Snobiety

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