Hood By Air's Violent Presentation at MADE LA

Hood By Air's Violent Presentation at MADE LA

Aiming to continue his disruption of the fashion industry’s aesthetics and practices, Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air recently presented a capsule collection titles “Hallways,” that was made available for pre-ordering in real time with preorders that will run starting next month.

Shown in Los Angeles during MADE LA, the collection was presented on a smoking mound of sand, atop with performance by Yves Turmor — alias Sean Bowie — alternately sang and moaned all the while hurling himself around the set. The energy shown during the presentation was feral, romping, unapologetic and muscular. “I’m not tired of fashion, I just wanted to do something to reboot myself and give back a bit more energy instead of constantly showing clothes that people have to buy and feel this energy that they’re being sold something.” Indeeed, Oliver’s HBA shows have surely never lacked in energy, like his intensely emotional Fall presentation. But this time was a physical experience if ever there was one, where all parties were participants. The models tackled one another, threw sand by the fistful, slipped almost drunkenly through the sand, and even tackled Bowie by his legs at points. “I wanted to do something that I felt would inspire them like a concert would,” said Oliver.

The models face smeared with crosses of fake blood, some of the models even lit up a cigarette and staggered around on their broken-heeled boots looking stunned. As for the clothes, there was embroidered across long camo coats and screen-printed on tees. At one point, a model waved the front of a graphic tunic he was sporting at the crowd like it was a flag—though most certainly not one of surrender. Some wore waders, and the high-gloss PVC the brand shown for Fall turned up as a killer pair of flares. At the end of it all, Oliver emerged the heap of sand to cheers, as he’s king of the mountain. And you can click here to see a better look at the range.

Photos via Highsnobiety

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