Historical Experience in South African Coast

Historical Experience in South African Coast

Located in Tanzanian peninsula, Zanzibar is another East African gem to discover. Serene picturesque beaches, rich historical backgrounds, and vibrant culture, this place is a destination completed with a pocket full of experiences. The archipelago stretches into 52 islands, but the 50-mile long main island called Ungunja, plays role as the main fountain of attraction.

Once you set your foot on the island, this sun-drenched region will greet you with white sand beaches, and vibrant scenic horizons. Aside from its’ blatant display on outstanding natural landscape, this place would take you by its hypnotizing cultural atmosphere. While the town is rather modern, you can see elders wearing traditional kofias (cloth pillbox hats) and djellabas (robes) in barazas – local meeting places – across the island.

As for historical narration, Zanzibar can never fall short. As a reminder of terrifying past about slavery on the island, a monument built by Clara Sörnäs, a Swedish sculptor, represents five concrete figures of neck-chained slaves. A building which once was a chamber used to imprison the slaves is also standing still. Whilst the horror of the dark past foreshadows the remaining historical buildings in the island, it also signal that Zanzibari people do not forget their history. All those combined with tranquil view of the seas, Zanzibar would bestow you experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Source: Telegraph UK
Images Via: Wikipedia, Flickr, Out and about Africa

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