Hinting to 14th

Hinting to 14th

We might still be in the middle of adjusting to the number 2016 and getting caught up in the new year’s state of mind—figuring out our resolutions and whatnots. But suddenly, it’s February already. Two weeks into this month should only feel like a blink of an eye and we’re already approaching Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is indeed the only day of the year specifically dedicated to celebrate love.

You might already have the day planned out: a romantic date with loved ones, a brunch with friends, or nothing at all. While you might decide whether or not to celebrate it, the vibe and theme for this time around is romance. And as far as a hallmark day goes, it never hurts to get inspired and dress accordingly. Here we sum up some inspiration on how to throw some subtle hints in (namely) the most romantic month of the year in a form of your daily get-ups. Nothing outrageous here so there will be no prepubescent heart-shaped prints or grandiose floral needed.




While pink and red might be the epitome of romance, it could get quite cliché. Instead, opt for pastel or whites that are soft and refreshing to go for your Valentine’s day plan. If you rather play with the silhouette instead, some subdued ruffles, peplums, and bow details are the ones to go. Wear the ones in more neutral colors like light blue or black to give it more casual approach. The other ultimate go-to texture is lace. Balance them out with denims or boots for the slightly toned-down but foolproof romantic look. All guaranteed to stay somehow low-key while getting the job done for hinting to the 14th.

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