HIMYM is Going to be Ressurected in a Movie Version

HIMYM is Going to be Ressurected in a Movie Version

Another movie is to be added to the already long 2016 movies to watch list. It is confirmed that one of the most popular TV series of our time is going to get a movie remake. Yes, How I Met Your Mother Movie is reported to be released later this year in December. The fans of this sitcom will be taken to follow Ted Mosby’s quest once again. However, this time the quest is no longer about his one true love. It is in fact, a little more twisted than that.

Airing its finale on 2014, many fans were reportedly disappointed on how the series ended. Therefore, the movie version was in the works to provide an alternative ending to the finale. Titled "How I Resurrected Your Mother" the story will revolve around Ted’s desperate struggle to revive his deceased wife. If you’ve watched the series, you might instantly notice that this plot is a little bit strange remembering its nature of day-to-day tales. However, creator Carter Bays admitted that he isn’t worried about alienating fans of the show by potentially introducing a supernatural element. “If people bought the absurdity of the original storyline, then a simple resurrection shouldn’t be a big leap,” he told Burrard Street Journal.

Furthermore, Actor Josh Radnor claimed that HIRYM could be one of the most “heartfelt tales” ever told: “What’s more romantic than trying to bring someone back from the dead?” Radnor suggested, “Why should a love story have to end when one person dies? That’s just lazy writing.” All we know is, if it’s anywhere as good and as heartfelt as the series, we’re definitely in for the queue.

Via: Burrard Street Journal, Parent Herald

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