High Street, Low Street

High Street, Low Street

The fascination towards street culture just keeps growing and growing. Fashion which once only seems to gravitate around the runway is now slowly shifting its attention towards the street. The street is indeed the place where fashion is much more real, relatable, and raw. And unlike the runway where fashion is usually put high on the pedestal, the street fashion has an ability to reflect the culture in a more unfiltered view.


This fondness towards street fashion has now spread in the high fashion industry as well. It can be seen in the triumph of the brands such as Vetements (which is street fashion at its very core). Moreover, brands that were once exclusively targeting luxury markets are now making their own version of sneakers, hoodies, and graphic t-shirts. Thus, the ever growing street style brand can now be combined with the luxury version of it to create an even broader variation in the street style scene.

Inspired by the growth of street fashion, a Japanese photographer Kenta Iriguchi tried to capture the youth culture in which the high and the low player from the street style scene are taking part. Along with stylist Mayumi Nakanishi, they create a photo series depicting a young boy living within the skate and youth culture. This photo series successfully illustrates how the fusion between the high and low brands can give a whole different character and impression, thus reflecting the richness of the street style scene we have now.


Modeled by Kim Min Hyong (@milmik9x)
Photographed by Kenta Iriguchi (@a6nso14)
Styled by Mayumi Nakanishi (@_nkns)
Make up by Chisato Kakita (@chiz__11)

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