Have Fun Being Fit with Epitome

Have Fun Being Fit with Epitome

Introducing a healthy lifestyle through a community-based gym, Epitome offers an active lifestyle experience. It is a fitness and wellness capital – but it’s not merely a fitness center, for its goal is to make the community the symbol of a better lifestyle, a role model to bring positive impact to the people around. And before the door to their place is open in a week time, Epitome actually has come to HYPE Festival, joining the festivity to let people have a little taste of the classes they deliver.

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of joining one of their classes – a high intensity workout called Fighting X with Henry and Susan Hendarto. This fighting class took roots in many types of martial arts, especially Muay Thai. The dynamic duo showed a wonderful lead to the crowd who joined this open class – yes, the visitors of HYPE Festival were welcomed to join, because having fun being fit is not limited to anybody.

With high spirit, Susan directed the moves while Henry energetically announced the instructions. Loud and clear, they allow even amateurs who never had a day in the gym to be able to follow through. There was something about them – like a force they push everyone to know their full potentials. It was only for an hour, but of course, when Epitome opens, this class would definitely worth another take. Or maybe you’d like to try yoga? Well, choose what fits your purpose best, because there are plenty of classes to tag on.

Photos by: Rebeca Yapeno

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