Have a Taste of The Real Gelato in Il Vero Gelateria

Have a Taste of The Real Gelato in Il Vero Gelateria

In the middle of the ever scorching Jakarta weather, cold dessert is always a sought after antidote. If you’re around South Jakarta and happen to crave for a cup of refreshing gelato, you need not go any further. Snugged in the middle of Jalan Arteri Permata Hijau, a small artisan gelato shop called Il Vero Gelateria presents you with a range of fresh gelato with varying authentic taste.

Taking place on the second floor of a contemporary container-shaped building, the gelato shop is set in a cozy space ideal for a refreshing dessert-stop. The shop is decorated in a white, blue and yellow colors which is then complemented with some wooden accents and various potted plants. There are two seating areas to choose from, the outdoor which is set on the balcony, and the air-conditioned indoor area. Although might be small in size, the place has the kind of cozy atmosphere you would want to have a nice chit-chat session. Established back in August 2015, the founder, Josua Tenggara and four other (very friendly) people in his team run the place to provide fresh batches of self-made gelato almost every single day.

Having learned gelato-making directly in the Italy, the founder tries to stick to the authentic gelato recipe as well. Therefore, Il Vero offers a classic range of Italian gelato flavors like salted caramel biscuit, fragola (strawberries), bacio (chocolate and hazelnut), pistachio, and cioccolato extranoir (extra dark chocolate). However, they also develop more interesting new flavors like dragon fruit, durian, and strawberry cheesecake. All the variants are made with 100% natural ingredients without added preservative, and artificial flavorings so you can make sure that everything is made with an actual milk, fruit, and sugar.

By sticking to only natural ingredients, it is a challenge to keep the taste 100% similar for each batch. For example, the taste of today’s batch of mango sorbet might varied from the next one, and you probably can’t have a cup of your favorite durian sorbet when it is not yet the time for durian harvest. However, here’s also where the good lies. By using natural ingredients, you can only get the most authentic of taste, and better yet, Il Vero might also surprise you with new flavors from time to time.

In the future, Il Vero aspires to be a pioneer of gelato shop who popularized authentic Indonesian flavors. And while the flavor itself might still be in the development process, judging from the taste of their already existing variants, their new flavors can only be just as good. The final verdict is, considering their luscious refreshing gelato, a cozy space, friendly people, and the anticipation of new interesting flavors, we’re definitely going to start recalling ‘Il Vero Gelateria’ the next time we’re in need a refreshing cup of cold dessert.

Il Vero Gelateria
Jl. Arteri Permata Hijau No.5
2nd floor of Fur & Friends
Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta 12210
Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Sunday : 12:00 pm -10:00 pm
Closed on Monday
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