Gyross Alley: A Mediterranean Delight

Gyross Alley: A Mediterranean Delight

If you feel like you need to freshen up your palate from your usual takeouts, Jakarta will always have something for you in store. Set yourself in Jl. Panglima Polim and you’ll find Gyros Alley. This place offers various foods from the — rather unexplored but worth trying — Greek gourmet.

Upon entering, blue and white atmosphere will greet you from across the place. The dim lit room which is artfully decorated with Grecian tiles, paintings and murals will take your mind off to the serene city of Santorini. In this rather petite restaurant, the open kitchen is set upfront, allowing the customers to observe how their food are being handled which is already quite an attraction by itself.

Now let’s cut to the chase and discuss the food. Specializing in Gyros (Greek style wrap sandwich) the restaurant boast about the quality of their meat — and it is no sham. Using quality fillet steak that has been marinated for hours with Greek style herbs and spices, the meat then roasted to perfection to deliver an exquisite juicy sensation to your taste buds.

To dab into their meaty delights, you can order their lamb Mediterranean fried rice which is by far the closest one to Indonesian taste palate. Topped with their signature roasted meat, this delicious meal will please any savory food devotee that Indonesians are. However, if you rather dive straight into the Grecian gusto,Gyros Souvlaki, and Spaghetti Kefte could be your meaty food choice. Served with fresh ingredients, like fresh tomatoes, olives, and the signature tzaziki sauce, your senses will be taken to experience the authentic Mediterranean textures and taste. For their less meaty options, their falafel gyros platter is another lusciously light meal to try. Close your course with the curiously sweet, but surprisingly good taste of Baklava to complete your dining experience.

By approximately Rp100.000 per person, Gyros Alley serve you complete experience of the exotic but never overwhelming taste of Greek food. As to conclude, being able to try new taste from less-explored cuisine in the world, is another satisfying food adventure and we reccommend you to try it as well.

Photos by : Rebeca Yapeno @rebbecayapeno

Gyros Alley
Jl.Panglima Polim IX No. 8
Jakarta Selatan.

Phone: (021) 8379 6855
Opening Hours: Daily 11AM – 11PM

Facebook: Gyros Alley
Twitter/IG: @gyros_alley
Website: Gyros Alley

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