Gordon Blue, at Last

Gordon Blue, at Last


If you’ve read our earlier featured post about Phantasma*Studio, you’ve probably been wondering about where you should be heading if you wish to own the pieces from the brand. Indeed, there aren’t much information revealed on both their instagram and website about where their latest collection will be available to purchase. However if such information is what you’re looking for, we’re here to give you a clue.

Last Sunday, Phantasma*Studio officially released their Gordon Blue collection. Set in a quite intimate setting, the launching took place in Sunset Limited Kemang. There, a display of Gordon Blue’s whole concise collection, turning one corner of the warm-natured space blue. The collection includes Oriental and Americana workwear shirt, ‘dingin’ long sleeve t-shirt and tote bag, ghurka and fatigue pants, as well as baseball cap.

The physical installation will took place until May 8 2016. It also acts as a pop up store so you can directly purchase Gordon Blue items on sunset limited. As for online, it’s available up on bobobobo. Be ready to be pleasantly surprised by a delightful blue tiny figurine you will get following your every purchase of Gordon Blue's item.

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