Going Face to Face with the Memes

Going Face to Face with the Memes

If your face is glued to a monitor almost 24/7, you’re probably adept in using meme to describe a daily life event or two. Originating from the internet culture, memes usually only exists on the flickering screen. However, AirPop, an LA based self-taught songwriter is trying to give meme a different view by presenting it with different medium.

AirPop himself is actually not the biggest fan of meme. “A lot of them are pretty disgusting, like a massive general view of the disturbing thoughts people have on a daily basis. It's kind of a bummer," the artist told I-D. Therefore, he decided to make a reinterpretation of this sensational pop culture legacy. His own version has more subtle tones whilst knocking around the most popular topics memes often bring like awkward social interaction or failed relationship. However, what makes his memes exceptional is how he exhibit these memes on canvas instead of on screen.

Using canvas and stills from films like Stand by Me, photos of Miu Miu and McQueen runway shows among others, AirPop is bringing the memes into a tangible form. Totalling to 50 homemade memes, his creation will be displayed in a  SADE Gallery, an art space located a few miles north of the artist’s Downtown LA studio. Whilst the idea of seeing memes displayed on canvas as an art form might be new, we bet that it will be awesome to have a meme you can really relate to framed for a lifetime.

Via: I-D

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