Glossier, When Makeup Comes Second

Glossier, When Makeup Comes Second

If there is contemporary beauty brand that reflects the now, Glossier is one name that comes to mind. Indeed, with its recognizable pastel themes, and incredibly adorable packaging the brand creates a marvelous branding which gains them a vast social media followings. But what about the products themselves?

Founded by Emily Weiss, it all started as a beauty blog called Into The Gloss. With her passion in beauty, she set out to interview the models, makeup artists, and strong women she admired about the products they use and why. All these beauty knowledge then initiate the birth of Glossier. Hence, Glossier was born with real insights of real women’s beauty needs.

Besides for the irresistibly cute packaging (they even comes with adorable stickers!), the products are living up to the hype. Natural makeup enthusiasts are especially impressed by their lightweight formulas and natural looking finish. Their products are claimed to make their skin turns healthy and dewy looking. Indeed, that’s what the brand aims. They want to create the new essentials: easy-to-use basics that form the backbone to your unique beauty routine. By emphasizing on the use of skincare products that enhance the skin condition, they celebrate real girls in real life. Letting them to decide whether makeup comes second and letting them unleash their raw —improved— beauty to the world.


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