Get Lost in Translation – Never

Get Lost in Translation – Never

Languange barriers can make one feel difficult or daunting to talk to foreigners, but a new earpiece known as ‘Pilot’ could mean you never get lost in translation again. Yes, the future that we have all been dreaming about might after all become a reality. You will not have to study or learn another language anymore, but you might soon be able to simply wear the Pilot earpiece and it will be translating in real time, while you are actually holding the conversation. The 'smart earpiece,' as the company calls it, and corresponding app, uses speech-recognition technology to translate in real time, so that two people speaking different languages can have a conversation without missing a beat. Of course, in order for the technology to work, both people need to be 'hooked up,' so to speak—which is why the set comes with two earpieces, one for each participant. The idea is that when language gets in the way, both people would put in an earpiece and speak in their preferred tongue. The initial version of Pilot will support English, Spanish, French and Italian. Other languages will become available in subquent versions, and will cost extra to add to the app. 

Look out for the Pilot to launch on Indiegogo in the near future.


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