Get a Taste of Japanese & Peruvian Flavor in Italy

Get a Taste of Japanese & Peruvian Flavor in Italy

The taste of sushi might no longer be such a strange flavor to our palate. In fact, it’s already a part of daily culinary lifestyle not only in our country, but also globally. So much so that this raw fish delicacy would rarely given its exotic status as often as it used to. But try some items on Coropuna’s range of menu, the new arrays of flavors it has to offer will get your tastebuds dancing over a sushi.

Visiting Rome as a tourist, you might go straight to restaurants that offers pastas, so Coropuna is an option for more audacious travelers. Located in Pietralata area, this restaurant holds its specialty in mixing two (unlikely) culinary influences, Japanese and Peruvian. These influences translates to an array of fusion foods served in a trendy presentation, combining the use of chopstics and tastefully arranged banana leaves. The menu itself offers variations like sushi rolls with passion fruit or mango salsa, and shrimp tempura with guacamole. If you don’t have any clue on what to order—which is most likely— you can ask the restaurant’s reccomendation. The servers, who are known to have a certain Roman / South American swag but also very friendly, will give you a good one.

The place is decorated in an even more unlikely combination: rugged walls meets tropical-themed furnitures, indoor plants, and dashes of royal blue which results to a comfortably dynamic ambiance. However, all those juxtapositions works somehow. And adding everything all up, Coropuna might give you an experience that would be difficult to get anywhere else.

Via: Coropuna, Trip Advisor

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