George Bamford Gives Your Skin an Organic Luxury

George Bamford Gives Your Skin an Organic Luxury

After a successful launch of bath and body products, George Bamford is now introducing a new facet to his lifestyle products in the form of a skincare range that is not just as luxurious, but also follows the same natural and organic roots.

Yes, it is Bamford’s commitment to use natural sources rather than synthetic ingredients for his products. As an embodiment to Bamford’s dedication to organic blends, these latest selections of creams, serums, balms, and lotions only use the finest organic sources and all the natural properties that are good for the skin. Made from fruits, yeast enzymes, strawberry seeds, cotton thistle flowers and soy stem cells, the Bamford’s skincare range will surely improve your skin conditions.

There are three lines in this range, the ‘Life’, ‘Awaken’, and ‘Restore’, which have been developed with the help from the therapists at Bamford’s Haybarn Spa who were keen to come up with products that could be used for treatments in the facility. All of the three skincare lines has their own uniqueness, but all are impressive nonetheless.

With this new skincare range, the spas have filled the gap in their retreat services. Showcasing the plethora of products, two treatments are launched: a Bespoke Facial – which includes skin analysis and reflexology, and a longer Signature Facial – which includes a footbath and deep tissue back massage.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to visit any of the spa locations, these products are available to experience from the comfort of your own home. For more information, visit Bamford or Haybarn Spas.

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