Function of You: Hair Products Specifically Made for You

Function of You: Hair Products Specifically Made for You

There are several luxury brands that allow us to anagram their bags with our initials and there are even sports shoes that allow us to pick our own color and material combinations. Seeing that there are already so many options of personalized fashion items, it’s quite puzzling why in beauty product department, the industry seems to be lacking.

Therefore, function of beauty’s idea to create a customized shampoo is absolutely terrific. In fact, it got us thinking why haven’t any other brands think about this before? Because clearly, our hair requires different way of caring. While some of the products of the market might actually do a good job, finding one to fully manage our hair issues is near impossible. Often times we have to end up buying more than one product for our curly colored hair that can get oily on the scalp for there’s no shampoo for curly-colored-oily hair on the market.

In that sense, function of beauty serve the needs to customize your own shampoo and conditioner. You can even create your own hair profile, set up to five hair goals, and choose your favorite fragrance. After that, you can order your formula online and it will be shipped directly to your home. While at $13 for 8oz bottles and $19 for 16oz bottles the product might be far more expensive than your usual drugstore range, knowing that it has everything your hair might need, the price might actually worth it.


Via: Style Caster

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