Fun in the Sun with Yash Creative

Fun in the Sun with Yash Creative

Although getting quite into game in producing various catchy t-shirts and tote bags, Yash creative is not an apparel line. So what are they, really? We had a skype chat with one of its founder to dig the story behind their iconic banana prints and more.

Yash is actually a creative project found by a couple Bonita and Mike. “We just happen to love making products, that’s why we also created t-shirts, tote bag, et cetera,” they explained. For the artsy couple whose backgrounds are graphic design and art, taking creative projects and making products has become something that comes naturally. After casually taking multiple projects for quite sometimes, in April 2015, they finally decided to stand under the name Yash Creative.  “In  Yash, we handle everything ourselves. All the designing, producing, to marketing process, are all done by us,” said Bonita.

Up to this far you might wonder as much as we did regarding the catchy-sounding name of Yash, and what’s behind it. About that, Bonita reveals its equally amusing origin “It refers to the internet slang ‘Yaaaaasss’ and also refers to the fact that we usually say ‘yes’ for everything”. Their visuals also happen to reflect the same airy and cheerful spirit as their name. With mutual liking for the outdoors, travelling, and mutual distaste in rain, their creations portrays fun in the sun with dominating light colors and tropical shapes.  One of their most successful creations yet is their banana print which rapidly gained popularity and now presents as Yash’s iconic shape.

Standing proud under #WEMAKEOUROWNPRODUCT, Yash dedicate themselves to self-made goods. “It is based on our concerns about fast productions where products these days are made without meaning,” they stated. Staying true to this vision, each of their tote bags, t-shirts, patches, and cutring are all man made.  Hence, they also keep producing their goods in limited quantity. Although planning to expand by participating in more markets, more art projects, and making a store, they intend to stick with their manual methods. By keeping this manual approach they want to preserve meanings behind each of their goods.

Their collection is released every three months, and each of them is based on a story which they call as an article. Their latest one illustrates summer love that features t-shirts and tote bags in colorful tie dyes which was inspired by their hippy friend (featured in the lookbook as the model). Check out their instagram page@yashits to browse along their latest tropical delights.

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