Forever Denim

Forever Denim

What is it that everyone has in their closet? I bet you it would be a piece of denim.

As an interesting material to wear, its versatility stays on point. That versatility is probably the reason why it is becoming such a staple. With comfort being one of its traits, denim’s retirement from fame is far from view.

Through plenty of treatments and designs to explore, each piece would have a unique identity. Moreover, the more denim is worn, like leather it would mold itself according to the shape of its wearer. So, nobody would own a piece of denim like yours.

A wrong way to wear denim is almost non-existent. T-shirt and denim never goes wrong. Try on a piece of white tee with wide legged jeans, that’s instant chic. Want to be even more excited? Experimenting with a few pieces of denim at once would answer to your call. Layer on different hues of denim and play with proportions, think about volume.

Taking a road to adventure by playing with textures also worth the thrill. Pair it with fur or leather, a simple statement to grab the attention of those surrounding you.

Denim is a mighty hero. So the next time you’re in a bad closet situation, reach on to your denim and let it save your day.

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