For When Your Feet Need a Break

For When Your Feet Need a Break

High-heeled shoes become such a staple known for its various figure-flattering effects. But to be honest, heels hurts, and our feet need a little break every now and then. Obviously we can always wear flat shoes, but wearing them without feeling less than our best can be a challenge. So here are some inspirations we formulated as the best way to wear flats. Choose the one you like best, and your feet will thank you.

Wear it with maxi dresses/skirt

If you still want to keep your womanly allure, pair your flats with your trusty flowy dresses that grace below your ankle. This bohemian style staple will give you the freedom, comfort, and a spark of elegance in every way you move. Plus point if sleek sandals or lace up ballerinas are your flats of choice.

Channel the school girl style

While wearing flats, you might as well amp up the preppy girl appeal the shoes can give. Pair it with collared top and knee-length skirt for an instant Alexa Chung-esque style formula.

Wear it with high slit skirt

One might want to put comfort forward without losing the advantage of elongating their gams. For that reason, higher slits are chosen to give an illusion of longer, leaner legs. Pairing this with flats will give you the cool-girl appeal to balance out the otherwise flirtatious cut.

Pair it with culottes

If there’s one staple piece of pants that people just can’t get enough this season, it has to be culottes. Both known for their relaxed form and high level of comfort, flats and culottes are a match made in heaven.

Choose Metallics

If you want to leave the shoes itself to make a statement, there’s no better way than to choose one in the most light-reflecting material. Pair it with your trusted classic ensemble, and you’re all set.

Images via: A pair and a spare, Who what wear, Pinterest

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