Foolproof Outfit Trio For Men and Women

Foolproof Outfit Trio For Men and Women

There are days when effort seems overrated and deciding on an outfit feels like a chore, but at the same time you don’t feel like leaving home if you’re looking any less than cool. Fortunately, there is a way to look presentable even though snatching pieces from your lazy day repertoire is all that you do. According to the three-piece rule, adding a third piece will transform your outfit from plain straight to an ootd material. By omitting the shoes form the equation, your pants and top should be your first and second pieces, while your third piece is an extra outfit element such as outerwear or accessory. Building upon this formula, we have selected five looks that are equally on point worn by men as well as women.

1.Sweater + Button down shirt + Denim pants

Both a comfy button down and sweater as an easy go-to pieces, but worn together, it creates a polished ensemble with a nod of preppy vibe. Wear it with a worn-on denim or mom jeans in order to add a relaxed touch to your whole look.

2. Chambray shirt + Camel outerwear + Light blue denim pants

Light blue and camel is a color combo style experts swear by. While rocking these shades other fabrics might turn a little corporate looking, chambray and denim should do just fine streetwear-wise. Throw on your trusted camel jacket or coat, maybe put your favorite trainers forward and see what a vision you have become.

3. Olive bomber jacket + Dark denim pants + Sunglasses

For those sleep-depriving days when you need to hide your eye bag, sunglasses comes to the rescue. For a notch of extra cool factor, throw on a bomber jacket and dark denim pants for the ultimate model off-duty style.

4. Blazer + Matching pants + Striped tops

Wearing only striped top might be a tad too laid-back if you’re up for something more than running errands. Throw in a blazer to add structure and definition to your look, and better yet, match the color of your pants with your blazer for a day to day suit-up look.

5. Leather jacket + Denim shirt + Dark denim pants

Borrow the allure from rockstar by wearing a leather jacket on top of dark denim shirt and pants in a similar shade. Tone it down with a pair of your favorite sneakers or amp the vibe up with ankle boots and statement making belt.

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