fbudi Spring/Summer 2016

fbudi Spring/Summer 2016

From civil war, mad max, the dance of capoeira, Kahlil Gibran’s poet to freedom fighters are the starting point of fbudi spring summer 2016 – Tanah Air

Felicia Budi favors philosophy of freedom in the collection that presents drama and innovation.” Yes , maybe you could say it’s like a picture of today . Because nowadays a lot of civil war that is still going on . And through this collection it’s like I’m pouring a hope. ” Says Felicia Budi about Tanah Air.

Side of complexility exposed in texture, which exploring the material from Maumere, Flores. Rough details bringing warmth that embrace the breadth of the earth. Dresses with unfinished details made intentionally as a manifestation of the Strife of freedom. Women with a fighting spirit , though , a bit of a feminist and forward thinking is what Tanah Air women is all about. Flores traditional woven fabric with a color pallete of beige and white is used heavily. It is the color of raw that beautifully made the collection as a way to re-connect to nature. Where ethnic elements combined with aestethic values makes sustainable quality fashion.

Roxy Mas E2/30
Jakarta 10150
+62 21 63858419
Open via appointment

Colony 6 Kemang 1F
+62 21 2952 9958




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