Fashion Lab 3rd Edition

Fashion Lab 3rd Edition

Galeries Lafayette Jakarta has been working with the design mavens in collaboration with Indonesia Fashion Forward with the event called Fashion Lab. The aim is to cultivate young, talented designers with the potential to break into the international market, alongside those of established fashion houses. And this year marked its third annual Fashion Lab with talents and labels for Fashion Lab 3rd Edition that are, Andhita Siswandi, Bateeq, Billi Tjong, Byo, Day and Night, D’leia, Ellyhan, I.K.Y.K., LOTUZ, MILCAH, Paulina Katarina, Rani Hatta, SOE Jakartaand Tertia.

The program was launched internationally in Berlin in 2004 as Labo Mode, with the support of well-known international design powerhouses such as Sonia Rykiel, Yves-Saint-Laurent, Jean Paul-Gaultier and Sisi Wasabi. After a series of successful runs, Galeries Lafayette turned the program into a spotlight for young, unknown creators to present their collections while giving them the aid and know-how to sell to a wider market. Fashion Lab 3rd Edition was formally kick off with a trunk show on April 28 at 6 p.m. on the first floor of Galeries Lafayette, where the creations of the 14 curated designers are presented. These emerging designers of Fashion Lab are also representing Galeries Lafayette’s new brand identity, “The New Chic”, which embodies three concepts: Young, fresh and edgy.

One of the highlight was BYO with its unusual and experimental creations. Designer Tommy Ambiyo Tedji of Byo, says that his creations draw inspiration from the worlds of fantasy and science fiction. This time around, they presented a set of Clutch in nude colors and top to match the clutch. BYO’s pieces explore and push against the boundaries of materials, shapes and concepts-all while maintaining functionality for the finished products. “I know you know”. I.K.Y.K. offers a ready-to-wear line suitable for day-to-day life with their khaki palette which boasting modern pieces with a distinct aesthetic. Another one was from SOE Jakarta. They emphasizes the use of hand-woven textiles, in a nod to the classic, timeless style of Indonesia. Designer Monique Soeriaatmadja uses fabrics crafted by weavers from different parts of the archipelago who do their work on traditional looms, including the labor-intensive back-strap loom. Monique’s creations are inspired by traditional patterns and the contemporary arts, as well showing influences from the texture of sportswear. 

Photos by Alexander Christian

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