Fashion Is Fun - 3 Local Brands to Bring Confetti to Your Wardrobe

Fashion Is Fun - 3 Local Brands to Bring Confetti to Your Wardrobe

Why so serious? Fashion might seem as an arduous business, being so concerned about the dress they are wearing, the enjoyment tends to be forgotten as people tussle in heels.

Let’s not forget that first and foremost, fashion is something to rejoice in, a form of freedom to express feelings and creativity – don’t lose sight of the happiness that it brings. Here are some recommendations to fill your closet.

Argyle & Oxford

A Jakarta based label, Argyle & Oxford was born in 2010 from the minds of Velda Anabela and Rebecca Billina. The brand name came from the traditional knit pattern ‘argyle’ and a pair of classic English brogues ‘oxford’. The idea is when you wear “Argyle” socks paired with “Oxford” shoes, will create a quirky feeling. That’s how the brand represents itself.

Instagram: argyleandoxford
Phone: +628568097879


Started from bags, the three women of this brand have branched out into designing clothing. Their limited conceptual bags are made out of 100% leather and hand stitched by fine craftsmen. The collections feature a lot of hand motif and basic clothing that amped up by odd, yet captivating details.

Instagram: ugly_ism
Line: uglybags
Whatsapp: +6285714456076


A clothing brand based in Jakarta, Stupkid brings out an idea to provide young adults and teenagers quirky, edgy clothes. The brand uses a lot of fun prints and vibrant colors on simple silhouette, making the pieces easy to wear but still creates a playful statement.

Instagram: thestupkid
Line: thestupkid
Whatsapp: +6281314550099

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