Erykah Badu and Pyer Moss: Breaking the Double Bind

Erykah Badu and Pyer Moss: Breaking the Double Bind

There are endless ways for people to communicate an issue which catch their concerns. As for creatives, they often use their creation to express these affairs. Designers are no exceptions. Whether it is done to build awareness, or purely for artistic expression, fashion is one which has been used as a medium to highlight an issue.

Such mutual concern happens to be what brings designer Kerby Jean-Raymond and musician Erykah Badu into making a collaboration. Although known for her musical prowess, Badu is no stranger to the fashion scene. She was the face for Tom Ford’s white patchoulli fragrance, and has appeared in Givenchy’s SS14 campaign. In her recent collaboration with Jean-Raymond, her fashion capacity is going to be put forward once again. Badu will be taking a major role by being the stylist for the FW16 looks for Jean-Raymond’s label, Pyer Moss.

Badu and Jean-Raymond are both known to be the voice of Black Lives Matters movement. As for the Pyer Moss upcoming collection, the design and story will be constructed to illustrate the double bind experience for Black people in America. It will highlight how natural born citizens has to live an immigrant experience in the only land they’ve known as home.

“(Kerby and I) were a match made in fashion heaven. We share an eye for truth through art. Though risky at times, he stands in his truth. And the strength of that truth lies in the belief of his vision. I’m inspired by the bold statements he makes in this, sometimes, fickle industry,” Badu told dazed digital.

Seeing how these two creatives have a strong mutual belief in carrying the issue, it is only common to anticipate  how it will be translated in the upcoming Pyer Moss FW16.

Source: Dazed Digital

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