Epitomizing Netflix and Chill

Epitomizing Netflix and Chill

Starting as an internet meme, now the term “Netflix and chill” has become a familiar lifestyle endeavor for millennials. But while the activity itself could be read in various different connotations, the downright literal translation of the term is done by online artists Tom Galle and ART404. In their hands, Netflix and chill is actualized in a form of an apartment room.


Located in West Village New York, this customized room offers the ultimate Netflix and chill experience. While the focal point might lay on the red Netflix-emblazoned sheets and the room’s overall theme is also dictated by that, the experience itself extends beyond. Of course in order to do Netflix and chill, HD projector, Netflix, and surround sound are necessary—and the room provides. To further complete your enjoyable movie night, the room also features a fully stocked mini-bar (Champagne, wine, rosé, vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, beer, and mixers). It is also completed with a big bathroom, and a view of the city to even further enhanced your stay.

If you happen to be someone with curious desire to experience a meme worthy night/ someone trying to impress their date on valentine’s day/ simply intrigued by the idea, the good news is, the room is open for rent. The Netflix and chill accommodation can provide two people and is now available in Airbnb for $400 (IDR 5.800.000) per night.

Source: Refinery29
Images Via: Buzzfeed

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