Enter the Realm of h a n t u

Enter the Realm of h a n t u

If there’s one thing that almost everyone would relate to something invisible, or the untouchables and the unseen between realms, or a presence of barely visible wispy shapes to realistic, lifelike visions — that is h a n t u; but is that what it really means? Quite a name indeed, and this fresh addition to the Indonesian fashion industry speaks for its name in nothing horrendous but rather unique visual and practical pieces.

h a n t u — wich means ghost in Bahasa Indonesia, came from the thought of  the value of things. The designers said, “You know, when you can’t see something though it’s there, in anyway it exists”, to look into something not merely in its form but rather deep in its value. About its origin, h a n t u lies on the belief of dada movement. It is an art movement that does not mean anything, but what is it really? As a matter of fact, dada art varies so widely that it is hard to speak of it as a coherent style. It represents an intriguing paradox that seek to demystify artwork in the populist sense but nevertheless remain cryptic enough to allow the viewer to interpret works in a variety of ways. Or in their own words, they particularly epitomize dada in “adding more value from something that is already out there” ethics.

The Indonesian brand started out in 2013 by two creative heads whose names remain unknown — rather mysterious just like ghosts. Looking at back then, now h a n t u have much more variations on the products, as well as exploration in themes. They focus on applied prints and embroideries, owing to their belief in dada movement, as it primarily involves graphic design and concentrated of the prevailing standards in art through anti-art cultural works.

Their product ranges from sweaters, t-shirts, boxers to beanies, bucket hat, sling bags, novelty socks and brooches as accessories. Their first collection titled ‘Specimen Series’, bundled up in a set that drew inspiration from flora and fauna, which they present in embroidered animals and printed fuits. The second one called was ‘Emoji Series’ featuring a series of emojis in the form of embroidery.

As an emerging brand in the fashion industry, characteristic is a thing that would define one’s soul. Talking about different ways and great initiatives, they embody the concept of familiarities to set the brand from others. “You will be somewhat familiar on some aspects of our products as if you have seen it before and that is what we think that make us different”. They like to get hands on with something they dwell in and they take pleasure in creating and building something from scratch. Although — surprisingly — both of them don’t have any backgrounds in fashion, instead, they major in graphic design. However, they enjoy fashion and designing them, that got them more attached to the fashion industry and thus, inspired them to do what they do.

When asked about their muse, h a n t u actually has no one specific. Instead, they say that a person who is artsy, creative and open minded are likely to wear the brand. Though as a brand who observes, the inspirations comes from a lot of things around them rather than just one being. Penguin books, unkl, anggur cap orang tua, perks and mini, David Shrigley, Indomie, Olimpia Zagnolo, Cavempt, Thimothy Elbe, MUJI, Valentino, Kitsune Maison, Volkswagen, snoopy cartoons, IKEA, Lacoste and other local and international brands are set to be their unlimited influences. When they were asked about a collaboration, h a n t u said, “No one comes to mind yet — but collaborating with someone or brand outside from fashion industry would be fun. Because our products are not exclusively only related to wearable fashion”.

Unique indeed, they aim to make people look and feel effortlessly cool in each piece they created. An ideal to them; is to embrace uniqness on mundane things, the things that is ordinary yet still cradeled in its artistry. A hint on their upcoming collection, they said, ” The progress is still ongoing, so it would be a secret. But here’s a clue: k n o w l e d g e”. Meanwhile, you can see and shop the collections now through their instagram adahantu.

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