Embracing the Co-Working Spirit in koléga

Embracing the Co-Working Spirit in koléga

Jakarta is amongst one of the biggest cities in Southeast Asia with increasing demographic of youth that are eager to burst into their entrepreneurial spirit. This build a brand new culture that drives people towards start-ups business like freelance and independent contract work. Collaborative working space plays a huge part of this movement. Located in the heart of Jakarta, koléga co-working space are bringing together creative community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and independents by providing them a better place to work. 

Far too many freelancers and entrepreneurs are isolated in the confines of their own home and are forced to organically build their network from the ground up. This thought inspired two UK master graduates, Rafi Rachmanzah and Adli Sudjatmiko to provide for a growing need for work spaces in Jakarta. “The word co itself has so many definition like collaboration or community, and so many co possibles. We build our own culture of a co-working space in which people still relatively unaware of it in the country. We feel that this is the right time to introduce this new culture” Adli stated.

koléga has finally open its second branch on 29th February 2016 at Jalan Suryo 50 at Senopati, South Jakarta while the first branch has launched back in August 2015 at Jalan Tebet Raya 53D. The aim is to gather a group of people who are still working independently to share values and interest in one synergy. Making a co-working space can solve this problem by offering a built-in professional network. “We have cultivated a comfortable yet motivating workspace for people to contemplate and create their own work” said Adli. koléga also promotes educational spaces, similiar to libraries and classrooms that share space for information technology, remote or online education, tutoring, collaboration, content creation, meetings, reading or study. They also have dedicated space and a start-up office suite.

“Most importantly, we unite diversity by creating a constant networking. For example, we have a workshop event in collaboration with Maubelajarapa.com, which is an educational platform. We also have a weekly in-house workshop named jejaring. These workshop events is a way to promote innovative, sharing and creative environment where people can  help each other succeed and promote their growth in businesses” said Adli.

Lasty the vision and aim of  koléga in opening its new branch is to provide a co-working space which comes with benefits beyond just free wifi. Professional, personal, and social advancement come as an added bonuses that are more advantageous than working in a coffee shop or at home. These environtments are not only stumulating, inspiring, and fun but also lead to new business development and collaborations, as well as increased levels of productivity and income as a result of being part of an expanding business network.

Jl.Suryo No.50
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan




Photos by Rebeca Yapeno

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