Embodiment of a Modern Day Sultan

Embodiment of a Modern Day Sultan

As an artist should, designers’ inspiration comes from various derivations. A lot of which, most people would find as entirely unthinkable. It could be extracted from their personal experiences, things as simple as a trip they took in a market, or even things as rich as historical memoirs. In their hands, however, those stories could be transformed into a form of exquisite visual manifestation. Grace Wales Bonner –a Jamaican British designer—is one who recently took this approach. In her SS 16 collection, she delivered a story of Malik Ambar, an Ethiopian slave turned Indian ruler.

“It explores the story of Malik Ambar an Ethiopian ex-slave who moved to Western India and became a grand ruler there,” says the designer, explaining more about the collection. “It’s about transition, displacement and cultural mirroring between Africa and India, particularly the African diaspora across the Indian Ocean.”Quote the designer.

While point-blank pilfering from original root is risky and disrespectful, Bonner’s take on the story is nowhere as vulgar. Featuring pieces like velvet trouser suits embellished, cowry shells embellishment details, checked shirt, and white trousers, with beautiful tailored finish, Bonner tried to embody modern-day sultan in each of her pieces. Being utterly thorough up to the casting of models selected, the collection, alas was very well executed.

Source: Dazed digital

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