Earn This Adidas x Parley Environmentally Conscious Kicks

Earn This Adidas x Parley Environmentally Conscious Kicks

One of the best way to gain awareness for an important issue is by communicating it through a popular medium. Considering the current generation’s craze towards sneaker, Adidas teams up with environmental initiative Parley for the Oceans to release a special running shoes to bring up an issue. Made with ocean waste as its primary material, these sneakers are delivering a message about how we should conserve the ocean life.

Designed by London-based Alexander Taylor, these special shoes are made using Adidas' existing footwear manufacturing process. However, the shoes also incorporates synthetic yarns fibres made from the recycled Parley Ocean Plastic. These recycled materials can be seen in the green wave pattern across the uppers which is created from recycled gill net. The rest of the upper are also made with recycled material having formed using waste plastic collected around the Maldives.

This utilization of the otherwise environmentally harming materials sends a message to the entire industry that the similar move can be applied to the shoe and apparel making method.  It demonstrates the possibility to make their products while at the same time saving the ecosystem. "A designer can be the agitator and the agent for change. He must be entrepreneurial in spirit, seeking out collaborators to reach amazing solutions which outperform and offer truly viable alternatives to current methods." Taylor told Dezeen.

While it might be very cool to own a pair of environmentally conscious kicks, as it appears to be, the shoes can’t be owned by just anybody. Launched as a limited edition of 50 pairs, those who wants to have them must actually earn it by taking part in an Instagram competition. The competition is open until July 31st, and only 50 people with most inspiring videos will be rewarded with these kicks. So if you want to have them, you better start doing something good for the environment starting from now.

Via: Dezeen

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