DOMINATE Presents: Zeitgeist

DOMINATE Presents: Zeitgeist

After their prime release of Marauder line which consists a run of on-point military-inspired garbs that balances form and function, DOMINATE Jakarta do not leave us waiting too long until they come up with another equally ravishing collection. Their current season release titled ‘Zeitgeist’ which acts as their second collection reflects the same DOMINATE spirit of subculture dressing. However, this time, they offer a more extensive range to choose from other than shirts and outerwears.

Supposedly representing the idea about the accumulation of the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of this era, as well as reflecting the spirit of time, Zeitgeist exudes the toughness, versatility, and functionality. Zeitgeist also aims to tell a story about the general idea of collective unconsciousness that shapes our culture and the fragmented idea of the spirit of our time, quoting Hegel in its lookbook citing that “no man can surpass his own time, for the spirit of his time is also his own spirit”.


In one way or another, the seemingly avant-garde story translates to the collection in a form of outstanding designs that characterizes dominate as a brand. The apparent winner of the collection is once again their variation of outerwears. Continuing their victorious innovation of wearing a jacket like a backpack, there’s a polyester Mountain Jacket which features shoulder straps. Other than that, there’s also Shibari Origi in a considerably fresh silhouette featuring kimono-like shape. What’s even better is that DOMINATE introduces their first range of accessories in this collection by featuring beanies and hats that are made by maintaining their penchant for handmade method. The rest of the collection consist of more casual hoodies, t-shirts, pants that will get you ready to live for the urban jungle life. To place an order, go directly to their Instagram page for more information.






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