DOMINATE and Its Marauder Dominating Looks

DOMINATE and Its Marauder Dominating Looks

Indonesia might not be the first country you think of as an Asian fashion outpost, but that hasn’t deterred DOMINATE Jakarta, which kicks off 2016 with a fresh batch of military-inspired menswear. But its' quite to the point name, they lead us on what to expect from their pieces. Titled ‘Marauder’, their latest collection showcases a run of heavy-duty, military-inspired garb that balances form and function which took inspiration from fatigues and battle dress uniforms of the German military. 

“For me, DOMINATE stands for my ego. I could care less if people would like it or if they would wear it or not. Yet suprisingly, since we launched back in 2013 the response to our pieces is incredibly good," said Kesh who is one of the co-founders. When asked about the brand’s signature beside (of course) military and its olive color, they said “We done things on our own. Because we would like to think that DOMINATE is our creative output,” said Kesh, Naya and Dila the three mind behid the brand. “There are human touches behind every pieces. For example we did patch the jacket and screen printing the motifs. And that we think is our signature because we put in so much effort to do what we like to do,” they further added. One of the standout piece from their latest drop is a cropped mountain-style parka, which comes with a graphic patch on the back, two-tone color blocking and handy bondage inspired straps in case things get a little too hot (which happens a lot in Indonesia) and you’d rather carry it on your back.

Having an idealism that requires them to give all in what they do, the brand focus on menswear only. However, they do not rule out the possibility to create a womenswear but only in collaboration. And about collaboration, they said “we are in the middle of a collaboration with a local denim brand. But that's still a secret and hopefully will be released soon. Just wait for it.” Seeing the brand's idealistic nature, we are intrigued regarding what comes next for the brand. “Here’s a hint on our next collection, ‘Zeitgeist’ which means a defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time and DOMINATE is our Zeitgeist. The collection will release end of May this year,” said Kesh excitedly. Find out more about the brand’s flavor to modern-yet-nostalgic military inspired looks on their website and other social media accounts in the meantime.

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