Do Your Favorite Movies Embrace Feminism

Do Your Favorite Movies Embrace Feminism

Despite the roaring sound of campaigns supporting women’s right, it is quite surprising that the enormous movie industry itself has not been completely detached to the outdated patriarchal notions. It is reported that almost half of all blockbusters in 2014 failed the feminist test. The Bechdel test –which has been used to determine whether a movie portrays gender equally—requires a movie to have “two female characters speak to each other for a period of time about something other than a man”. Considering such a simple requirement, only 55.4% of movies in 2014 succeeded to pass this test.

One of this year’s most anticipated movie however, seems to live up to its hype. After its Hollywood premiere in December 16, Star Wars: The Force Awakensreceived quite a good feedback. Some viewers also reportedly state that the movie passed the Bechdel test. The verdict is, The Force Awakens might actually worth your anticipation. Some of the 2015’s blockbuster movie that also passed the test includes Mad Max: The Fury Road, American Ultra, and Inside Out, whilst those which fails includes Spectre, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and Paper Towns. While  hoping for the rise of other feminist movies in the future, you can gohere to check the list of movies which passed and failed.

Source: I-D, Wikipedia

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