Ditch the Pomade - 2016 Man Mane

Ditch the Pomade - 2016 Man Mane

Although 2015 started with the rise of heavy-duty pomades, by the end of it, the glorious, statement-making, year-defining man buns is the one who gains triumph. Considering its’ unrivaled fame, it is yet to be known which hairstyle will sit on the throne to replace man bun for 2016. But after some consideration, we finally made a prediction.

After years of sleek side-parted and undercut hair, man buns emerged as what we supposed as an act of rebellion. Led by weariness of putting a lot of efforts and investing in tons of hairstyle products, men decided to just grow out their hair and let them be. So in the same spirit this year, we predict that 2016 next big hairstyle moments will be dominated by more effortless shape and natural textures.

But while the hair itself would be left tousled and free, another key item would grab more attention this year. Be it stubble, mustache or beard, people are going to pay more attention to facial hair more than they ever have before. Our last verdict is, 2016 will be the year we’ll be seeing a lot of men rocking scruffy looks, and above are the example of the ones that managed to do it tastefully so.

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