Dior "Pha" Line Is Gentleman's Travel Companion

Dior "Pha" Line Is Gentleman's Travel Companion

When it comes to travelling wear, it’s quite a challenge to balance between looks and functionality. Most of the times what’s convenient will not do much of a help appearance-wise, and vice versa. But for you gentlemen who wants to keep your style game during your trips, this latest Dior Homme Line provides.

Ranging from luggage, to footwear, Dior “Pha” Line designed specifically to fulfill your travelling needs. The materials used in this collection are highly durable matters such as nylon and leather, guaranteeing the endurance of the pieces during your trip. The sportswear inspired design also keep everything easy for you to carry during your trip. Besides those  practical advantages, this line is also undoubtedly stylish. Presenting in all black bases, this line try to keep things classic by sticking to minimal construction and silhouettes creating iconic look that can never go wrong. Be it for daytime stroll around a city or nighttime events in local places.

For Gentlemen who is currently planning a trip and wanting to travel in luxury, you can check Pha line on Dior Spring 2016 Collection.

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